Did Miley Cyrus Take a Naked Photo of Herself on her iPhone?

Over the weekend, Miley hosted a party at her house in LA, where her purse was stolen. Her purse contained her iPhone and camera, and now pictures are starting to leak. These pictures weren’t made for the world to see, and please keep your comments to yourself! The nude photo of “Miley” is actually fake, so don’t believe people saying it’s her! I’ll still support her even if it was! And you should too 🙂 Don’t believe the haters.

“So far, none of our Cyrus sources have been able to confirm that nude photos of the young star have been taken or leaked. Additionally, besides there being no face in the photo, there are a couple of tell-tale signs that it’s probably not Cyrus. First, the person pictured is a bit thinner than the “Hannah Montana” star. More importantly, the individual in the photo is missing a key piece of evidence – Cyrus’ tattoo that reads “Just Breathe” beneath her left breast. Gossip Cop will update later today when we hear more, but based on our conversations with sources and other information, we’re fairly confident this is not Cyrus.”

UPDATE: Here is proof that the photo is fake. This photo > http://twitpic.com/3c666o was the photo that someone made of Miley, and you can see the face is the same as the one in the thumbnail above. This guy makes manips of loads of different celebrities nude, and he’s the one who posted the picture! Also, you can’t see Miley’s tattoo! You can also see the blurry bits near her hair, which prove that the photo is photoshopped. AND, in the picture we posted with the head chopped off, the head angle is different. Proving that the photo is FAKE.

As Sick as it is i have uploaded the photos Remember Miley promised she would never do this again so Please support Miley 100 % and not everyone loves Miley as much as we do !!!


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